Monday, May 14, 2012

Stories from Beyond the Graveyard (kinda)

So I am currently back home for summer from LMU. It is basically hell here in Davis. I do not think I have ever been this bored in my life. Transitioning from such a fast-paced college life in Los Angeles to life in the suburbia in NorCal is a struggle. Apparently I was just as bored over Spring break (which was in February, more on that later) which I found out when I found a notebook I wrote in on my desk today. I must have been so bored that I just wrote out everything that was going on in my head while watching Netflix. I found it quite entertaining and so will you:
"How I Met Your Mother" its this amazing new, nah, not new, Emmy winning TV show that I have recently discovered on Netflix. I started the first episode the day after my Biology final when all my other friends were busy studying. I was straight up dgaf-ing because all I had left was a Calculus final which I knew I would ace--which I did. So I just sat in bed all day with some wine and caught up on all my TV shows. I finished most of them, no all of them. So I got on Netflix. And as always, there was nothing good to watch. But I came across HIMYM on my suggestions. All of my friends from home always talked about this show and I just decided to give it a chance. So I made myself a bowl of shitty microwave Pad Thai and mixed up some Dragonfruit Skyy and lemonade. And ever since December 15, 2011, I have been in love with this show. Almost as much as I love "Friends" and vodka. 
I am back in Davis for my Spring Break. It is really uncomfortable being in Davis for Spring break in the middle of February. I am the only one in Davis this week. Ok but, yeah I'm back home. I am currently all up to speed on HIMYM, but frankly, season 7 sucks. I feel like they completely lost focus of the show. I find myself frequently forgetting the main character's name with Tim instead of Ted. The show focuses way too much attention on Robin and Lily and Marshall now. I dgaf about the whole move to Long Island and how they don't like it. But I thought it was cool how Ted gave the apartment back to Lily and Marshall. 
Yeah but that's over. Now I am watching Father of the Bride Part II. I really thought the first one was funny and good. This move was probably why people think Steve Martin is funny because Cheaper by the Dozen was...not that great. Hmm writing in this journal has got me thinking...maybe I should keep like a diary or something. OMG SPARK OF GENIUS! I could make a blog and talk about that on my Med School resumé! IT'S DONE! I'M MAKING A BLOG ON MY LIFE...again.

Ok I actually found myself to be quite annoying/revolting.

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