Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Top 5 Overplayed Songs on the Radio

These are the only songs that are on the radio within every hour. In some instances, they've ended up on two of the three radio stations. And one rare occasion, one song on three different stations at the same time... Listen to them again here:

5. Somebody that I Used to Know
It's not indie or hipster if it's on three Top 40 radio stations at once.

4. Payphone
You're stuck at a payphone all day because they got disconnected in the last decade.

3. Give Your Heart a Break
How about we get a break from you crying all the time...

2. Niggas in Paris
We get it. Kanye and Jay-Z are fucking boss.

1. Call Me Maybe
The one song that cannot get too old or annoying, unless someone other than yourself starts to sing along and you need to shoot them. And watch this parody for a lawl:

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