Monday, December 10, 2012

Finals Week

It's finals week out there for most of us in college--and if you're not having finals this week or not even in college, just go away for now. It is probably really typical for everyone to "brag" about their procrastination or how much of a studying-zombie they become during this week. But let's try to find some middle ground. 

Cramming in studying the night before each final will not get you that A or high grade you want. You may get lucky and it can happen, but not very likely. The best thing you can do, is to just study very effectively. Skimming through all your notes from the entire semester is completely useless. Try out a website like to make your studying more effective. And get your classmates on it too so you have a greater network/more study materials!

If you're that Comm major who just has to turn in one paper and give one speech in a class, leave campus for a majority of the week. No one wants you here. No wants to hear how bored you are or how much free time you have. You are literally, in the minds of everyone with a real finals schedule for this week, the scum of the earth. After that last day of finals, you can reappear on campus and do not mention anything about your lack of being a real student.

And for those normal people with an average stress load, try as hard as you can to keep it to yourself. You are not the only student with finals. Complaining to your roommate while he is trying to memorize Organic Chemistry mechanisms while you recite some random string of Excel formulas that you have to learn for your business final is NOT worth anyone's time. 

If you're looking for some de-stressing tips and blah blah, check out LesDivaDiaries post!

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