Thursday, December 6, 2012

The X-Factor USA Season 2

I have been really getting into the X-Factor lately, mostly because I am so sick of the artists on the radio right now...*cough* Justin Beiber *cough*. Now you could be one of those people who are really into The Voice or even America's Got Talent and you think you are like a better person for supporting something less superficial and blah blah. No. Singing competitions are superficial. No concert is going to sell out if the performer looks like a troll--Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr or Javier Colon (winners of The Voice and America's Got Talent). And American Idol is starting to just give up with "winners" like Lee DeWyze or Phillip Phillips?? Omg or even Taylor Hicks. If you don't know who that is, you are doing completely fine. But seriously, the X-Factor has given us REAL stars, well X-Factor UK has...

Here are the current contestants on this season of X-Factor USA (in alphabetical order):

Carly Rose Sonenclar
At first, I was so annoyed with her. I just saw some 13 year old girl who really needed braces and I just skipped through her performances. And every week, she kept ranking at the top! So I had to figure out what the craze about her was. Damn, did I miss out. To quote Simon Cowell, "You are not a human being." She literally is so surreal and I regret not being her fan from day 1. 

(ELIMINATED :'( ) Cece Frey
Ever since her audition, she has been my favorite. I do not understand why the judges do not like her. They are just too old and do no understand what America enjoys listening to anymore. She is like a mix of Ke$ha and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, but is still different. If that's still possible. She is definitely the underdog in the competition and deserves this win so much more than anyone else.

Diamond White
This girl is the reincarnation of Whitney Houston. Oh Lord. And she is just as alien as Carly Rose. When she was first sent home in week 1 of live shows, I was so sad. But then they brought her back and she was amazing.

I was really confused with this group. When they first auditioned, they seemed really douchey and arrogant. But their original song was so good and catchy. And they just kept getting more and more entertaining.

Fifth Harmony
These girls are bringing back the Destiny's Child and TLC style music to America. They originally auditioned individually, but were put together as a group in boot camp. For those of you who do not know, One Direction was formed the same way in Britain. And these girls are so good. Sometimes they are overshadowed and do not really stand out, but they do have amazing moments.

Tate Stevens
Tate is the final contestant for the over-25's group. Honestly, I do not understand why this category exists or why he is still in the competition. I believe he is only in the competition this far because he is the only artist who appeals to country music stars. All of the pop music fans' votes are split between 5 other acts whereas the die-hard country fans can concentrate all their efforts to one artist. Look for yourself. And to me, he just performs like a typical country artist. Nothing too unique or exciting.

Honorable Mentions

Paige Thomas
Paige was my number one boo until she got eliminated last week. I do not know why she got such a low amount of votes that week. Maybe the crude comments from LA Reid and Simon just manipulated the voters.

And this performance right here:

And I will NEVER understand why the judges never gave this artist a chance:

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