Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One of my Life's Greatest Goals, Almost Accomplished

In life, we must set goals for ourselves to accomplish otherwise what are we doing with our lives? Ever since I have come down to Los Angeles, I have been yearning for something to accomplish. Like what am I doing with my life right now? As an 18 year old Pre-Med student at Loyola Marymount, what can I accomplish right now?

On Christmas Eve with my cousin I found that goal at our holy Mecca--Starbucks. She paid for her nonfat Awake Tea Latte with this shiny gold card, something that's presence still take away my breath. She had accomplished her goal in life to obtain this amazing gift from Starbucks: an exclusive rewards honor for getting 30 Starbucks reward stars. You may ask: "What is a Starbucks reward star and how can I get one?"

All one has to do is register online any Starbucks gift card that one may have just lying around at After that, you become a Welcome level rewards member. Just by registering your Starbucks card, you qualify for receiving a free birthday beverage. Imagine that. Spending no money at all and getting a free Starbucks as a birthday gift. Probably the best birthday anyone could imagine.

After buying five Starbucks drinks and getting five reward stars, you become a green level member. The perks of this are probably where I fell in love with this program. You get free select syrups and soy milk. Oh my God. On top of that, Starbucks will top off your brewed or iced coffee or tea for free. You think that's it? No. They will give you a free tall beverage along with the purchase of one pound of coffee beans.

Yeah yeah, a tall...probably one of the biggest flops to come from Starbucks. I mean why would anyone ever want a TALL drink from Starbucks?? ONLY 12 ounces of delicious, scrumptiousness?? Getting a tall Caramel Macchiato is like opting out for half of a dog, if you're into animals and getting pets and stuff like that. You cannot fully enjoy a Starbucks by getting a tall size. I really do not mind having to pay the extra like 40 cents for an actual beverage.

Ok but back to the rewards program. So you may already be overwhelmed by the amount of benefits that come along with only getting 5 stars. But hang in there and get your 30 stars. Remember the Gold card my cousin had? Get 30 drinks and Starbucks will send you a personalized Gold Starbucks Rewards card with your name and the date you became a rewards member. Not only do you get this amazing card, but after becoming a Gold level member, you receive a free beverage for every 15 stars and you receive personalized offers and coupons. How amazing and rewarding is that?! And all you have to do is continue living your life and drinking Starbucks.

But back to me and my goal. So I am currently at 22 stars. I became a member this January and I know that it should not have taken me this long to get this far, but I do not in fact have a car here in LA. So I can only go to Starbucks whenever a friend takes me there. And the Starbucks on campus at my school does not take Starbucks cards...don't get me started on that. If they did take Starbucks cards, I would have been at 30 stars within a month. However, my semester is basically over and I go back home to my car in one week so I am determined to reach 30 stars by the end of May.
Oh and get the Starbucks iPhone app. You can track how many stars you have and use your phone as a barcode if you're just trendy like that.

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