Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texting Trolls

I have come to the point in my life where the main form of communication I maintain with people, is through text messaging. Texting more people and more frequently will eventually lead to one encountering the dreadful texting troll. What is a texting troll? A texting troll is pretty much anyone that can cause any sort of annoyance to you due to texting. Let's take for example someone who you just met at a party and you exchange numbers. A texting troll will repeatedly text you throughout the night trying to reconnect even though you are obviously preoccupied. Or it could they could be the opposite. Say you have a lunch plans with a friend and he or she is such a troll that they will not respond to your texts until they arrive at the location only to text you, "where are you?" Texting troll. Don't be one. Stay away from them.

Here are some signs of a texting troll:

  • Respond to your text with something out of the blue and irrelevant
  • Fail to respond within an appropriate time frame
  • Respond way too quickly
  • Use grammar that makes the message completely incomprehensible
  • Repeatedly resend basically the same message
  • Send message as an iMessage and then as a text message (iPhones only)
  • Respond to a text you sent in a group text in a different thread (iPhones only)
  • Turn off their iMessage and send messages through text (iPhones only)
  • Double texting
  • One word responses
If you do any of the previous things, stop. Now.
Example of a multiple offender.
In some urgent cases, repeat messages are necessary.

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