Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinkberry Seasonal Flavor: Peach

So another one of my passions in life is frozen yogurt. But some of you may be unfortunate and live in a region of the world where Pinkberry has not salvaged your life yet. Those other stores that make your serve yourself and have barbarian toppings and a plethora of low-quality flavors have nothing on Pinkberry and its excellence. Why would anyone ever want to serve him or herself anything that is mediocre and not eye-appealing? So whenever Pinkberry releases one of their new, seasonal flavors, I am already one of the first to taste this new treasure to the world.

However, all geniuses have flawed inventions. This season's new flavor was Peach. Sounds delicious and refreshing to go with this long forgotten sunshine. When I went home for Easter break, Pinkberry was one of the first places that I had to revisit--to sample this new flavor and to recharge my life with Pinkberry amazingness. Honestly, this flavor was not what I expected of Pinkberry. Usually their seasonal flavors are so outstanding and vibrant as one would expect. But for some reason, Peach seemed just blah. It tasted as if I was at some low-end, self-serve frozen yogurt shack, but still looked as beautiful as a Pinkberry masterpiece. It didn't even look that exemplary. It might have well just been the original tart with specks of peach.

So out of disappointment and misery, I looked up to God, or in this case the Pinkberry menu, and saw that Salted Caramel was still available. Sometimes, old treasures are all we need.

Pinkberry Peach is available at Pinkberry stores for the summer season

Or if you're lucky enough and find Salted Caramel...

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